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PERFECT PILLOW LTD - Worldwide Supplier of Natural Earth Friendly Health and Pampering Brands

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Sensible great Value Products that are Natural, Wholesome and Pure

We offer wide range of Natural, Organic, Earth Friendly Health and Pampering Products. Our Products are all made in the UK.
Browse through our website to find wide variety of products like Perfect Buckwheat Pillows, Aromatherapy Products, bath Products.
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Inside the mind of a customer!

Since the very beginning of time, Customer satisfaction has always been a major must for all leading manufacturers & distributors, with this in mind, it is interesting to note that, by 2020, consumer experts say that customer experience wil overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. (Source: Walker Info)

We in the Yorkshire Moors at Perfect Pillow LTD, believe a satisfied customer means not only have we done a good job, but they will evangelise their pleasure in owning our products that are made from the heart with love.

Unlike mega corporations driven by soul-less accountants, we aim to please every customer with every product, every time.!


Healthy, Sustainable,
Beautiful Handmade Products


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About our company

Perfect Pillow Ltd & it’s brand Razzmatazz  disseminates an energetic concoction of hippy chic funky originality and serenity, unique to any other natural health brand . The brightness of the product range & boldness of the brand statements contrasts greatly with the calming nature of the product portfolio .

Our eccentricity is further expressed in one of many mottos ;

Our healthy, sustainable. beautiful ,handmade products made with Love on The North Yorkshire Moors !!