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Frances Gilmer Worley - August 22
Just what I didn't know I needed

I had been reading up on all sorts of oddly shaped pillows online when I came across this one, has been perfect for me from the start. I love how I can make a groove for my head, & mould the pillow into the perfect position. I can't imagine using another type of pillow, like ever 

L.Murphy - June 2021
Best Mattress EVER

This one was nice & affordable,but almost seemed to good to be true. I can now say it's as good as I could of hoped for..It feels so lovely & moulds into my body shape. It's an absolute joy to sleep on . Getting the pillow now!

Catherine Bulley - Essex
Perfect....really good support + head does not get hot, really good air distribution

Brilliant pillow

Brilliant pillow, so much better than any other I have tried. I've been using mine for just 3 days and already my neck pain is so much better. Also love the fact that it is more bashing pillows about in the night to get comfortable, you can really snuggle into this without getting hot and sweaty! Extremely helpful company too, great price, especially if you buy direct and super- fast delivery. Absolutely perfect. Bought 2 more straight away for my daughters.

Aine Ni Ealaithe - Co. Cork, Ireland
Love my buckwheat mattress - it did take me about a week to adjust to it but now it is just fantastic. I just ordered a second heat belt for my (elderly) aunt as she thought it was the best thing she ever had for her back. Great products and good customer service. Can't recommend highly enough.

Jackie - Northants - Organic Kapok
This is a fantastic product. It’s soft, easy to work with and versatile. I’m using mine to stuff hand knitted toys, and being a natural product it will be suitable to give the things I make to my little grandchildren. I’m very pleased I chose it and pleased with the company that supplied it.

Jean Walsh - Hertfordshire
Still a customer for a reason!

- Unfragranced incense sticks

Lena Witton
Where to begin? EVERYTHING I have purchased in the last year has been fantastic. The scents are amazing and smell completely real, in other words not at all fake or artificial. The coconut oil is simply the best I have ever used and my skin adores it. I know that I can rely on this company's products to do exactly what I expect them to do and that lighting their incense is a sensory pleasure that no other can come close to. These products are such unbelievably good value for money that not trying as much as possible is simply impossible!! Love these products. I

Deborah, Kuwait
I would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for your help on this order.

You have been so helpful and efficient and everything arrived perfectly.

More importantly, I am SO SO IMPRESSED with the mattress !!!! Oh my God it is the best thing I have EVER slept in. I absolutely LOVE it. I bought it mainly to avoid the chemicals in other mattresses but I realise now how amazing it is for my back and whole body. I often used to wake up with a few aches and pain thinking it was normal since I exercise a lot. Since sleeping on this bed I have has zero pain and I sleep so so well.

I am telling everyone about it, i can not believe the difference. I can now say that I never want to sleep on anything else ..!

Thank you so much for bringing such a wonderful product to us :)

Mrs D Rump - Pontypridd
It offers fantastic support
Love everything about this pillow. I love the fact that the pillow is not soft but firm and supports your neck fully by shaping itself around your head. If you suffer neck pain I would definitely recommend this pillow but it may take a little while to get used to although this isn't necessarily the case.

Michelle Ptak - Derby UK,
Took about a week to get used to but so glad I persevered as now I don’t have the pains in my hips or a broken nights sleep. Feel so much better generally.

John Kilgour
Brilliant product, I have used a buckwheat pillow for over 20 years, this is my 3rd and I would highly recommend if your thinking of trying one, choose this one. It comes overfilled so you can adjust to suit, it's well made and should last for years. I am thinking of purchasing the smaller version so I can take it on holidays because if I have to use ordinary pillows my neck and shoulders start to ache and I can't get a good nights sleep.

S. Addis
If I had found this 20 years ago, I could have saved hundreds, if not thousands, in osteopath fees. I have tried so many types of pillows and this is the best by far. My neck and shoulders improved within two days of using this. Amazing.

Sally Macdonald
This is the ONLY comfortable pillow for me so I bought one for my daughter!
I love being able to punch the pillow into the way I want and it stays that way! It takes a bit of getting used to but I wouldn't change my pillow for anything.

Louise Sargent - West Sussex
"I bought this pillow because foam pillows are environmentally unfriendly and feather pillows are cruel as they pluck the bird while it’s still alive and eventually the bird dyes from stress. My other half who is an osteopath told me not to waste my money but after the pillow had arrived I persuade him to have a go, 5 mins later he wanted me to order him one too. My neck has never been so good."

Belinda Teasdale
I just love this pillow. I have paid over £100 for other top branded memory foam pillows but this pillow beats them all.
Would definitely recommend !!!!

Amna Alqazwini
Just wanted to say thank you for my mattress. Exceptional fast delivery!!!! truly can't thnk you all enough! Mattress fits very nicely! Perfect!

Mr. T. Brooks
Excellent product at a good price. My conventional feather down pillow wasn't supporting my neck so I read about these grain husk filled pillows, like a bean bag for your bonce and thought it was worth a try. Took a few days to get used to the hardness but once I adapted to it I had a much better nights sleep with no sore neck in the morning!

This is the fourth buckwheat pillow we've bought, one for all the family, and if you suffer from neck pain this is the pillow to get

I bought this mattress just before Christmas 2018 and took my time to get a good feel of it before I review.
One of the best things I ever bought.
Definitely feels healthier to sleep on. Comfort wise it takes a little time to get used to the new and healthier way of sleeping. It’s like I went through a ‘detox’ from previously used mattresses.
Love it and it’s simply on a wooden bed frame. I need nothing else, just bed sheets.
Delivery smooth and timely, some lovely gifts included.
Everyone should be using this natural mattress.

Graham Jones,Scotland
"The Pillow Has Helped me Sleep Better Because it shapes to how I lie. I actually tried to find a way for it to make me uncomfortable, and COULDN'T. "

Clare Dallison
"I bought a pillow probably 15 years ago,the first few days were strange-like sleeping on a sandbag but  my headache and backache disappeared within a couple days.I have never looked back and even take my special pillow on holiday with me.

Can not recommend enough!"

Dave S
It took a few nights to get used to the pillow, but I think it’s amazing as i don’t get neck pain anymore and I can get a good nights sleep.

Ruby Jasmine
Excellent buckwheat pillow. Provides good support for neck. Also keeps you cool in the summer.

This is the most comfortable pillow in the world and believe me, I've tried LOTS - I have been searching for a good pillow for years. It is unusual in texture but you get used to it very quickly and the idea of sleeping on a conventional pillow now is not appealing to me. I had heard a Dr Russell Blaylock lecture on YouTube and, following that, I began taking L-tryptophan supplements at the same time I got the pillow, so perhaps the whole credit doesn't go to the pillow, though I seem to sleep fine on the nights I forget my supplements. What the supplements cannot be credited with is the HUGE improvement in neck pain since I got the pillow: after a few weeks, I am nearly cured. This is a wonderful product and the sellers are brilliant - a little while after my pillow arrived they contacted me to see if I was happy with it. Happy doesn't begin to describe it - I'm over the moon!

I bought this one to replace a similar pillow I've had for nearly 15 years now and it is perfect. looks like it will also last that long. It has a good strong casing material which will last and a strong zip, you can pour out the filler and wash the casing occasionally which is not possible with most pillows.
These buckwheat pillows might take a bit of getting used to if you are used to a soft feather pillow but I find it hard to sleep on anything else now They are heavy and quite hard, like a bag of grain or sand but they mould around your head and stay there supporting your neck as well, they are also cooler than foam or feather.

Insomnia has been a problem for me since my late teens. I've tried everything from fancy duvets or mattresses, to binaural sleep-tapes. Most things don't help at all; though there are a few ways to at least make sleeplessness more bearable. The buckwheat pillow is surprisingly heavy, and surprisingly firm. But it moulds perfectly to the shape of my head, never sags out of shape, and stays cool and soft all night through. It is the most comfortable pillow I've ever used - by a substantial margin. Simply having so comfortable a pillow makes lying in bed - even awake - pleasure in itself.

Recent Customer
This product is fantastic. I have arthritis in my neck so it is painful to sleep if I cannot hold my head in a neutral position. This pillow is like lying in the sand so you can mould it to your head and be very comfortable. Having used this for eighteen months now I can recommend it to anyone with a painful neck condition.

L.M. Nichollson ..
Fantastic XMAS PRESENTS ! You should see their faces  when they get it . . . and see them again  3-4 nights after actually sleeping on them. PRICELESS.

Mrs Helen L Cox
No pillow betters this product, it is so versatile since it can be moulded to a shape that suits ..I have bought this product before and this was a replacement after 12 years . I was so pleased to find that the Company was still around still manufacturing in The U.K . There is no other type of pillow for me, and when I go on holiday my pillow travels with me 

Fiona MacTavish
"Tried this type of pillow whilst visiting Japan, was supprised by result. Upon my return home , decided to find one in UK. Odered 2, one for my husband and myself. Sleeping comfortable, not waking up with aching neck/shoulders,or dull headache. We are both happy and wish we had found them years ago"

Philip M, 2nd October 2014
"Moving from Tempur Memory Foam Pillow used for 5 years to the buckwheat instantly and totally eradicated my chronic morning nasal congestion. Proof positive in my view that memory foam is not good for pillows. The Buckwheat is hard but comfy when you learn the trick of plumping "

Margaret Hackney , verified on line purchase
"Beats memory foam any day!"

Kathleen Ruane,verified on line purchase
"You've changed my life and health for the better."

Kathleen Ruane
"I am in ecstasy with your product.

I have been meditating for 30 years, on three continents, and your cushions are THE BEST I have ever used. I am beyond satisfied with you pdocuts which have enabled me to reach new levels of relaxation, mindfulness and emptiness. I suffer from spinal injuries, and these cushions have brought me great relief. I only wish I had an entire futon made by you, for I believe your workmanship is without equal. I thank you so much for what you have made and delivered. Your productions are truly incredible. If you ever go into the futon business, please let me know, for I will be first in lune to buy - even if that means a ferry from the ROI to the UK! You've changed my life and health for the better, and I do have an autoimmune chronic pain disorder - fibromyaliga- six blown disks and a kneecap.

Thank you."

"How can a pillow, made using tiny husks, be so comfortable?

I have no idea, but it is. I sleep on my side and like to tuck the pillow between my shoulder, neck and head. This is the first pillow that I've actually been able to successfully do that with. The pillow molds to the shape of your head and supports it in that position. A definite aid to a good nights sleep."

"I have only slept on this pillow for two nights but I already love it. When I wake up in the mornings I had far less neck stiffness. It is the first pillow I have had where I feel it gives proper full support of the neck and head. As for the smell that a few people have mentioned... I am quite fond of it. :)"

Henry Chinaski
"This isn't like memory foam or goose feather or any other type of pillow, it has thousands of little buckwheat husks inside the pillow case which move around. But that's the point, with other pillows your head sinks in and your neck and spine twist, this supports your head firmly in place. I have lower back pain, this pillow hasn't cured it but I definitely wake up feeling better with less aches and pains all over. So for that reason it's five stars from me. :)

I am quite a fussy person, but I quickly got used to the different sensation, so unless you are super resistant to change, I would recommend this pillow to anyone looking for a better nights sleep."

"Before I discovered this amazing pillow, my neck was always extremely painful and stiff following a whiplash injury. After only a week the difference was incredible, not only significantly reduced pain but also much greater movement. It took a short while to get used to the firmness but by removing a small amount of the buckwheat, it is not really comfortable. Definitely recommend this."

S. Gray
"This is simply amazing. I have meditated on and off (More off than on) for 30 years and seem to spend most of my time finding cushions, adjusting to them, feeling aches in my knees and generally feeling it's going nowhere. I got this cushion and pad last week and it is transformational. I have sore knees but with this cushion it is high enough to enable me to sit comfortably and with my back completely straight. I have an uneven floor with just a rug, so the mat is worth its weight in gold. I really can't fault this product. I can just lower myself on to the cushion and concentrate on my meditation. I wish I had bought it years ago."

"Purchased as a present for my Husband, he loves the cushions, perfect, completely comfortable and keeps your posture whilst meditating. I tried it too and could sit for hours as it is so very comfortable. A++, product highly recommended! :)"

M. Keys
"This meditation set is lovely, and well worth the money. It's very well made and looks durable. Best of all it's extremely comfortable and I think it will help a lot with being able to focus as I won't be thinking about how much my ankles are hurting anymore! The Zabuton folds in half too so it can be kept in a cupoard if needed. All in all I am very very happy with my purchase! :)"

M. Brennan
"Love the pillow. I am no longer waking up throughout the night trying to find a comfortable position. Took a few days to get used to it but glad I persevered, it's been worth it!"

"I was suffering from 'non-specific neck & back pain' and read on an American chiropractic website that one of the most important things to have to help with neck/back pain was a good pillow. IE, buckwheat pillow! Apparently the Americans give these to their kids at an early age? Anyway I thought I'd give it a try! My God, what a difference its made to my sleep and my neck/back pain... Very deep sleep and no longer have pain! It's an excellent product & I can highly recommend it!!"

"I've been suffering for ages during my sleep with pins and needles in my fingers, hurtful neck and shoulders and I've never woke up feeling pain free. Last week I've travelled to China and had these pillows in the hotel. At first I moaned and said to my boyfriend how strange these pillows were and that I won't be able to sleep. I was so wrong.

I slept like I was on vallium. Anyway back home on my own pillows I felt more pain than ever, like I was hit by a train. It took me a while to find the pillows here in the UK but now that I have, no more pain. My friends have ordered these pillows too and are happy.

Sweet dreams!"

Aigars Kalnins
"I have been using buckwheat pillows now for 14 years, - in fact - this one is the fifth one (and I must say - one of the best ones). My manual therapist introduced me with buckwheat pillow - he offered this to me to improve a quality of night sleep as sleeping was a painful experience that time I recovered from a bad injury - multiple vertebral compression fractures. I cannot imagine a nights sleep without it since - I even have a smaller travelling pillow and I do have it in my suitcase wherever I go. Purchase from PERFECT PILLOW was a very pleasant experience - pillow arrived in no time and I received very nice email from Tony Barnes offering me all kind of support and advice for my new pillow. I am over the moon about my new pillow - well made, properly filled, and therefore easy to shape it the best way to comfort head, neck and shoulders. Mr Barnes, you have a new regular customer!"

Stephen D. Stokes
"I purchased one of your pillows last month from a lady who called at our home with a MLM brochure. I have suffered with spondylosis for many years now and have been on painkillers for years and thought that I would try one of your pillows. I would just like to let you know that since purchasing your pillow for £20.00 that it was the best investment I have ever made and would recommend one of these pillows to anyone with this problem, or any other neck problems. I would never go back to using a foam pillow of which I have tried many over the years, ones which were recommended for neck problems. Within a few weeks of using one of your buckwheat pillows my neck has improved that much that I no longer take painkillers every day and am sleeping much better!"


B. J. Logan
"I have been looking for one of these pillows for a while now... I am so pleased that I bought it.

From the very first night of resting my head on it I have slept soundly, it also helps knowing that these are so good for the environment too! They really are the "Perfect Pillow." With the offer I received two, so one went on my daughters bed, she loves it! (For an eye rolling, tutting, mardy adolescent this is quite an achievement :) ) They crackle a little bit, but like a previous review I read, I find it soothing and soon get used to it, the pillow also fits a standard pillow case and squidges up nicely... I found the amount of buckwheat husk to my liking, but could easily be removed to suit. Delivery was super fast too.


1. Extremely comfy.
2. Made in the U.K.
3. Good for the environment
4. Happy teenager!"

Debra Hughes
"I purchased a meditation cushion and mat filled with Buckwheat hulls some time ago and found this very comfortable so I thought I would try the pillow.

In the mornings I often awake with a stiff neck and headache and have tried various orthopaedic shaped and silicon gel pillows in the past. Even if they initially were helpful, eventually they flatten some and I end up with a stiff neck again. From night one this has been extremely comfortable. I am sleeping better and waking up without a sore neck or head. You can shape and reshape the pillow to whatever is comfortable and if the contents do get a bit flattered at any stage, it is refillable! My meditation cushion is 18 months old, I haven't had to refill that yet and sadly my bottom is far heavier than my head!

Brilliant - I love it."

Allison Manzino
"I started searching for alternatives to traditional pillows. I came across buckwheat pillows, and then Perfect Pillow. The customer service I received was outstanding. I'd highly recommend this company. The pillow is great! Takes some getting used to, it comes with a zipper so you can add or remove buckwheat hulls, holds it shape all night and is cool and comfortable. As someone with occasional back problems this pillow works wonders for my neck and back. My husband and I both love it."

D. Leversidge
"For a while I was contemplating buying incense sticks, but I was put off by the smoke, as I used to visit a friend who burned them and they always reminded me of smoke. These, I have to say, are beautiful, they remind me of lost times where the world was a simpler place to live. The ash catcher is also a bonus and does it's job respectably. All in all, I love the scent of these sticks and with only 40 left, you can bet I will be ordering more very soon! An excellent buy."

Margaret Hackney
"At last a good nights sleep with this pillow. Beats memory foam any day!"

Michelle Malone
"The first thing I was impressed with was the quality of this pillow. There was way too much husk in the pillow for my liking as I like my pillow a little lower, but that was easily achieved as there is a zip on the side that allows you to easily take some stuffing out.

I was a little concerned at first that the slight rustling noise made by the husk would irritate me whilst trying to fall asleep but that hasn't been an issue at all. I like that you can easily mould the pillow around your head and neck and keeps it firmly in place whilst you sleep. Since using this pillow I haven't woken up with my usual stiff neck.

The sellers themselves are keen to get any feedback if there are any issues so it's good to know that they take great pride in their product. Overall great value for money."

Irina Sokolova-Snegir
"This (Perfect Pillow) has given me my first full night's sleep in years with no back pain!"

Lorraine Hill
“I bought this pillow for my dad who has issues with the top of his spine causing neck problems. He finds this pillow very comfortable. Would recommend"

Paul Collins, Durham UK
"The Best Pillow in the World"