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PERFECT PILLOW LTD - Worldwide Supplier of Natural Earth Friendly Health and Pampering Brands

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+ 44 (0)1287 644444

About Us

Perfect Pillow Ltd & it's brand Razzmatazz disseminates an energetic concotion of hippy chic, funky originality and serenity, unique to any other natural health brand. The brightness of the product range & boldness of the brand statements contrasts greatly with the calming nature of the products portfolio.

Our eccentricity is further expressed by one of our many mottos; MAKE HEALTH - NOT WAR.

All of our healthy, sustainable, beautiful, handmade products are made with love and expertise on the great North Yorkshire Moors.

When creating products we consider the impact our actions have on our precious planet and our fellow inhabitants. This, and  being aware of the stressful life we in the West have created for ourselves, has led us to conclude that relaxation, PERFECT SLEEP and pampering time is imperative for our well being as most of us spend most waking time on the treadmill of life. At Perfect Pillow Ltd we take great pride in being an ethical British manufacturer and worldwide exporter of naturally sensible, sometimes funky, health products and are a leader in providing value for money.

Our company's inspirations have many origins, the principle being a high regard for the wonderful botanical materials provided by Mother Nature without the interjection of harfmul toxic herbicides & pesticides, whilst accentuating that perfect chemical free sleep is a basic human right. Our 100% Botanically Organic Buckwheat Pillow provides such perfectly blissful sleep that less is actually required, leaveing more time for rushing from one appointment to the next. That being said, perhaps it could be that this extra waking time could be spent in peaceful meditation, which is where our brilliant Zafu cushions and Buddhist Zabuton mats come in.

The serene atmosphere is set by burning - all British made - one of the 60 divine subtle fragrances available with our great value incense cones and sticks, or one of over 40 pure therapist grade essential oils featured strongly within our range but mingle well with our more unusual pure zinc health bands designed as an attracive way to supplement the body's zinc requirements via natural absorbtion. Soon after production commenced we were contacted by Foresite, a charity set up to help childless couples conceive, bringing about an explosion of sales. We intend to continue spreading the gospel that purely natural is the way forward. Using the science of Mother Earth and the deeply rooted knowledge of her many varied peoples we wil develop products that not only aid and nourish the body, but envision and free the mind.

Our product portfolio also consists of botanical pot pourri, some funky soaps, and a vast range of aromatherapy oil blends aimed at particular problems to which consumers are often looking for a healthy, natural answer.

Originally a "one man band," Perfect Pillow Ltd has been trading since 1976 when the distinctive Razzmatazz logo, still used today, was designed and first used on product labels. (Bamboo leaves or a flock of swallows? Answers on a postcard please!)

When on business staying in a Tokyo Hotel in 1996, Tony first came across a strange pillow on the bed and enquired as to what was inside. He noticed the pillow was hard and inflexible so set about honing and improving it for us western folk. The buckwheat content was tightly sewn in channels so no adjustments were possible - like it or lump it, literally!

After much thought and having come to the realisation that buckwheat was perfect for pillows, for babies and the rest of us; a change was made so the buckwheat could move freely, the resulting product was easily and quickly capable of being adjusted in anyway, high or low, soft or firm, 100s of positions all allowing the sleeper their own custom shaped perfect pillow.

Untill 2007, this was just another product in a range that centred mostly on pure essential oils, however the company changed to Perfect Pillow Ltd as by that time it became clear that pillows were the biggest volume seller! We were soon inundated with emails, letters, feedbacks and reviews, some of which were almost unbeliavble.

"Your usual pillow is as much good as a paper bag in a storm!"

"After 3 nights sleeping on my buckwheat pillow, you would have to have me arrested first before I'd let you take it away!"

"You don't know what a pillow should be like untill you've tried this one!"

"Great pillow - better than Tempur!"

Today the company remains owned and managed as a family business. Our company has produced products for some of the Worlds largest retailers, with exclusive promotional lines for the likes of Disney and 20th Century Fox. First produced in 1997, our superlative bio-degrable Buckwheat Pillow, like all products conceived from a holistic angle, has been supplied on more than one occasion to a 6 star hotel in Dubai.

"The best pillow in the world!"

"The holy grail of pillows!"

We will continue to have a majority of customers who share our respect and love of british made products, directly opposed to far east "sweat shops," whose source of labour is often chldren working 100 hours a week in dangerous conditions for a pittance.

Our experienced buyers search the World for high grade materials, grown without chemicals, fully aware that natural plants cannot be grown so that their constituent components can be identical year in, year out. Their compostions will, of course, vary acording to the climate, the weather, the time of harvest, the nature of the soil and the skill of distillers and farmers alike.

Perfect Pillow is truely an environmental organisation; pioneering leaders in green innovation and practice, with awards for just that, creating saleable products without exploitation of animals, humans and our precious spiritual planet, using only the finest naturally occuring sustainable, non-synthetic components. Each and every one of us must be aware that change is necessary in our World as we awake to confront the major issues of being human in a World dominated by mega multi national conglomerates driven by hard nose accountants whose only thought is for the bottom line...

Thankfully there is now a growing army of sensible, savvy consumers who are conerned with the well being not only of themselves, but all the like minded folk - and animals - who inhabit our precious planet.