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Pure Essential Oil Benzoin

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Over recent years, more and more people, disillusioned with the negative aspects of the modern industrial World and its effect on our planet, have begun to look back at past civilisations and how they lived in the World around them. Some of the emphasis has begun to shift away from the constant quest for advancement towards respecting and caring for the natural World. Many long forgotten ideas have been rediscovered as we realize the treasures that have lain hidden right in front of us. What we do to nature and importantly, what nature can do for us is once more at the forefront of our thinking. The use of plants to cure illness and promote well-being can be traced back many thousands of years to the times of the ancient Egyptian and Roman civilizations. In fact, even today in some parts of the World, the ancient herbal remedies are still widely used and respected. When the Romans invaded England, they discovered that English Lavender oils would help heal their battle wounds. In ancient Egypt, during the golden age of the reigns of the Great Pharaohs, plants were put to many uses such as the preservation of bodies after death. Due to mummification, embalming with herbs, resin and plant extracts, some of the bodies remain intact even today. They also used plant extracts as perfumes and for religious purposes. Many modern day drugs and antibiotics are derived from plant extracts such as everyday aspirin, important antibiotics like penicillin, powerful painkillers such as morphine, and also quinine which is used in the continuing battle against malaria. It is estimated that tens of thousands of plant species exist and are yet to be discovered in the more remote areas of the planet, hence one of the major concerns against the destruction of the world's tropical rainforests. Nobody can know what treasures lie undiscovered - possible cures for some of our most feared illnesses such as cancer. Aromatherapy is part of the way in which you can improve your lifestyle. A relaxing massage using Lavender and Chamomile oil can wash away the effects of a stressful day. It is important to understand that essential oils are able to uplift and create moods, which can lead to a more balanced lifestyle, which helps to combat the stresses of daily life.


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